Returning to the UK from an overseas posting

Everything you need to know about switching from PAYE to CIS

We know how much time and effort goes into preparing yourself for an overseas posting – after all, it’s a big deal! But how much preparation goes into making sure your return to the UK goes as smoothly? Probably not as much! We at DSR Tax Claims aim to make your life as easy and hassle-free as possible – and not just when it comes to your tax returns either. Our handy guide should hopefully help ease you back into life in the UK and help you with your tax refund claim at the same time. Call our friendly team on 0330 122 9972 and let us help you get your maximum refund fast.

So, your overseas posting is coming to an end and it’s nearly time to return to the UK. What sorts of things should you be considering?

Where are you going to live?

A pretty big consideration, we think! After all, you will need a roof over your head when you get home. If you have been renting your UK home out while you have been posted overseas then you will need to give your tenants notice for them to move out. If you don’t give your tenants enough leave notice then you are going to need to sort out some temporary accommodation for you and your family while you wait for your home to be vacated.

Tie up your loose ends

Make sure you don’t leave behind a bunch of outstanding contracts, such as phone or internet, when you head back to the UK. It is useful to check out whether you might have to pay any early termination charges so as soon as you know you are going to be heading back to the UK, it is a good idea to start thinking about these things. After all, you don’t want to be leaving a whole load of your hard-earned cash behind as well. Similarly, you might have foreign bank accounts or standing orders and direct debits that you will need to sort out before you leave – it will be much easier for you to sort them out when you are still in that country than waiting until you are back in the UK.

Check whether you are entitled to any financial benefits

Whether we are talking benefits such as tax credits or child benefit, or help with your moving costs, you might be entitled to financial help when you move back to the UK so make sure that you check out your entitlements. Moving country can be an expensive event as it is without missing out on any financial help you could be entitled to.

Think about travel tax relief

You might be entitled to tax relief on your travel expenses back to the UK so make sure that you keep hold of any receipts for costs incurred in travelling back to the UK. Whether you will be entitled to tax relief on your travel expenses will depend on where HMRC consider your main residence to be – call our expert team on 0330 122 9972 for guidance on this matter.

Of course, we know how stressful moving can be at the best of times, especially when it involves a change of country too. That’s why DSR Tax Claims aim to take the hassle and stress out of your tax refund claim so that your free time can be put to better use. Call our friendly team of experts on 0330 122 9972 and let us get you your maximum refund fast.

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