When you can’t claim a refund MOD

When you won't be able to claim an MOD refund

We at DSR Tax Claims aim to claim the maximum refund and fast for as many people as are entitled to claim. We are experts at getting back every penny that you are entitled to claim and not a penny more, meaning that you are never at risk of falling foul of HMRC rules and regulations. Unfortunately though, we can’t claim a refund for everyone – not everyone qualifies for a refund under HMRC regulations and DSR Tax Claims are rightly proud of our good standing with HMRC so we would never try to claim a refund for someone who wasn’t entitled to claim. Check out our online calculator to see if you might be entitled to a refund or call our friendly team on 0330 122 9972.

So why might you not be entitled to a refund?

HMRC rules are pretty strict about who can claim what and it might be that your situation falls outside of their rules – however, if you can’t claim a refund then chances are you haven’t been left out of pocket in the first place, so it’s not all bad. Tax refunds aren’t the same as finding gold at the end of a rainbow – the idea is that you are just claiming back money that you have paid out in the first place. If you haven’t had to pay it out in the first place then it’s all good.

Maybe one or more of the following situations apply to you, in which case you probably aren’t entitled to claim a refund at this time. However, just because you can’t claim a refund now doesn’t mean that your circumstances won’t change so keep a hold of your receipts and any relevant information because next year things might’ve changed.

Haven’t completed your phase 1 training?

If you haven’t completed your phase 1 training then HMRC don’t actually consider you to have permanent employment in the armed forces. And because of that, you won’t qualify for a refund. However, once you have completed the phase 1 training and have moved on to phase 2 training, you could be eligible so make sure you check again once you are into your phase 2 training.

All of your postings are longer than 2 years?

To qualify for a tax rebate on your travel expenses, HMRC regulations state that you have to be travelling to a “temporary workplace” and as far as HMRC are concerned, that means for a period of less than 24 months. Maybe your posting was for two years or less and was never extended, or maybe it was initially supposed to be for longer than two years and was cut short, or your assignment was for initially for less than two years but was extended? In all of those situations, you will be entitled to claim some or all of your travel expenses back – but if none of those apply to you then unfortunately, you are unlikely to qualify for a tax refund. As we have said, circumstances can change though and you can still backdate a claim for any temporary postings you may have had in the previous four years.

Just because you are not eligible for a tax refund right now doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to claim a tax refund in future. Check out what kind of information we would need from you to support your claim so you are ahead of the game when your circumstances change. If you are still not sure about whether you qualify, our team of experts can help put you straight – call us on 0330 122 9972.

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