Avoiding tax refund ripoffs for MOD employees

What you need to know if you are returning to the UK from an overseas posting

We at DSR Tax Claims know how complex and tricky it can be to prepare your tax refund claim – we have worked long and hard to gain the knowledge and expertise to become the tax preparation specialists that we are. We know just how complex it can get when you combine MOD rules and HMRC regulations. Unfortunately, it has come to our knowledge that there are a number of firms out there, claiming to be able to prepare tax refunds for MOD clients and getting them so wrong that they leave the MOD employee either open to HMRC enquiries and penalties for claiming too much or they don’t get that MOD employee their maximum refund.

DSR Tax Claims calculate the maximum refund you are entitled to claim but we never claim a penny that you are not entitled to and all of our refunds are HMRC-guaranteed. Check out our handy guide to avoiding those rip-off artists and if you are entitled to a tax refund, call our friendly team of experts on 0330 122 9972 and let us get your maximum refund fast.

How rip-off artists prey on MOD employees?

Because it can be so tricky to work out what you can claim for and what you can’t claim for in a tax refund claim, especially as a member of the Armed Forces, many people turn to tax refund services to help them with their claim. Reputable companies like DSR Tax Claims are rightly proud of their good standing with HMRC and therefore work within HMRC regulations and will not claim for a single penny to which you are not entitled. We are experts at getting you your maximum refund but we will never claim on your behalf for anything you can’t claim for, because this is classed as fraud and HMRC rightly take a dim view of this.

Sadly, there are many companies out there who are not as reputable or as scrupulous with their claims as DSR Tax Claims and they can lead you into all sorts of trouble. The best-case scenario is that they don’t have expert knowledge to claim for everything you are entitled to meaning that you don’t get your full refund (and that’s not that much of a best-case, is it?) but in the worst instances, you could end up repaying your refund to HMRC along with a hefty fine as well.

Now, if you are a DSR Tax Claims client then you will know that we guarantee all of our refunds as HMRC-safe – which means that your refund is 100% yours and we would deal with any HMRC enquiries or action that may be opened on your behalf.

Handy tips to stop you falling prey to a rip-off artist

If you follow our tips when choosing your tax agent, then you should avoid falling prey to one of the many unscrupulous or just plain incompetent tax refund services out there.

  • Never be persuaded to bump up any amounts you are claiming for, no matter how tempting it might be made to sound. It will be you paying a HMRC fine or penalty if you claim for something you are not entitled to claim.

  • Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you don’t need any documentation to make a claim. You should be able to provide evidence for anything that you are claiming from HMRC, in case you are selected for a HMRC enquiry. If you can’t prove that expense, then HMRC are likely to take the view that you have invented it for fraudulent purposes.

  • Always make sure that you know how your tax refund service will fight any case that HMRC might open against you. Many of these services will be happy to charge you a fee for their services but will leave you high and dry if HMRC start investigating your refund claim. If you are a DSR Tax Claims client then, as you will know, we deal with HMRC on your behalf, including any enquiries from HMRC and if we have got it wrong (unlikely) then we foot the bill, not you.

  • Make sure you know what fees you are going to be charged for the service and what is included for that fee.

  • Make sure that your tax refund service has expert knowledge in tax refund claims, especially in MOD refunds.

  • Ensure that the person doing your tax return is registered as your agent with the HMRC as this will offer you some protection if anything is wrong with your return, because HMRC will be able to see who submitted your tax refund claim.

We at DSR Tax Claims are tax preparation specialists with a good reputation with the HMRC which means that we are tax experts you can trust. Call our friendly professional team on 0330 122 9972 to find out more about how we can help you.

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