Armed Forces Tax Refunds

Everything you need to know about MOD tax refunds

When people think about the industries that are eligible for tax rebates, they very often overlook the Armed Forces. They mistakenly believe that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are opposed to their personnel claiming tax relief but we at DSR Tax Claims can confirm to you that employees of the MOD can claim back their overpaid tax – so if you work in the Armed Forces and are eligible to claim a tax rebate, call our friendly and professional team on 0330 122 9972 and we can get it sorted for you.

What are MOD Personnel entitled to claim?

Like everyone else, if you work for the MOD and you have overpaid your taxes due to an incorrect tax code then you are entitled to claim back that tax overpayment.

But prior to 2014 there was confusion as to whether MOD personnel could also claim back their travel expenses when travelling to temporary workplaces in their own vehicle. We at DSR Tax Claims are pleased to clarify that you can, in fact, claim that mileage back.

According to the MOD, an individual on a temporary posting can claim the difference between the allowed HMRC mileage rate of 45p per mile and the MOD tax exempt allowance of 21p per mile – so that is a shortfall of 24p per mile which can be claimed for.

This tax relief can only be claimed when the MOD employee is on “temporary duty” – that is a posting that is less than 24 months in duration. Confusion had been caused prior to the rule clarification due to the MOD classing all postings as permanent, even those that were shorter than 24 months.

Why such confusion?

The confusion arose due to the difference in how HMRC describe a temporary workplace as opposed to how the MOD term such things. Due to the MOD describing all postings as permanent, individuals were worried that if they claimed tax relief on their travel expenses to postings lasting under 24 months, that they would be doing something wrong and might be liable to pay any tax refund back to HMRC.

We at DSR Tax Claims only claim what you are entitled to claim and not a penny more – this means that you can rest assured that any rebate that we claim on your behalf is yours to keep. We also guarantee your rebate to be 100% HMRC-safe, which means that we would deal with any HMRC enquiries on your behalf and would even pay back the rebate ourselves if it later turned out you had been overpaid in error. That is why we are the tax experts you can trust – so if you work for the MOD and have been posted to locations for less than 24 months, give our team a call on 0330 122 9972 and let us get you your maximum rebate fast!

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