Tax Preparation Specialist Provides Guidance on Non-deductible Expenses in Approach to Self Assessment Deadline

Can Employees Claim Tax Relief on Household Expenses when Homeworking

Can Employees Claim Tax Relief on Household Expenses when Homeworking?

By David Redfern 14th January 2020

With just over two weeks to the Self Assessment deadline, millions of taxpayers will be aiming to ensure their tax returns are submitted on time. Although the majority of those will relate to self-employment income, a significant number of those will be for employees. As well as higher-rate taxpayers and […]

What Expenses can you Claim when Self-Employed?

What Expenses can you Claim when Self-Employed?

By David Redfern 7th January 2020

With a little over three weeks until the Self Assessment deadline, over 5 million taxpayers are yet to submit their tax return for tax year 2018/19. With many of those taxpayers classed as self-employed, there are a wide range of commonly-forgotten business expenses which can be claimed as tax relief […]

Advance Assurance scheme for R&D tax relief for SMEs

Small Businesses Encouraged to Invest in Innovation

By David Redfern 22nd October 2019

HMRC’s latest figures on R&D tax relief show that record numbers of UK businesses are investing in innovation and development. However, many small businesses are missing out on vital funding for research and development projects due to a lack of awareness of the SME R&D tax relief scheme or fear […]

Business travel and subsistence expenses

Are you treating your Business Travel and Subsistence Costs Correctly?

By David Redfern 10th September 2019

Guidance for Employers who Reimburse Employee Costs Relating to Business Travel and Subsistence Business travel is a regular part of working life for many employees across a wide range of occupations and industry sectors. When travelling on behalf of an employer, it is usual for employees to incur travel and […]

Tool Allowance Tax Relief

Could you be due a tax refund?

By David Redfern 29th August 2019

Our specialists explain why you might have paid too much in tax As American president Benjamin Franklin once said, there’s nothing certain about life but death and taxes and for most of us, tax is a word we don’t like to hear too often. Tax usually means less money in […]