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Could you refer a friend and get yourself a finder's bonus?

At DSR Tax Claims we aim to give you your maximum refund fast! With our no-refund, no-fee service and amazing customer service, we are leading experts in tax preparation and expenses. And after we have helped you to get your maximum refund, delivered straight into your bank account within 21 days, why not join with us to help your friends to take advantage of our excellent service?

That’s right, we offer a Refer A Friend scheme where we will pay you a whopping £50 for each friend you successfully refer to us. Yes, that is money just for helping out a friend? How great is that? And if you are a popular sort with loads of friend, we will give you an extra £150 if you send five people our way within a twelve- month period. No, your eyes were not misleading you there! That’s a massive £400 just for being an amazing friend!
And don’t worry if you aren’t one of our clients, if say you don’t work in an eligible field yourself, you can still refer your friends who do. So even if we can’t help you get your maximum refund fast, you can still take advantage of our great Refer A Friend offer.

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