DSR Tax Claims company car fleetA period of phenomenal growth and an exceptional increase in client numbers has led to staff at DSR Tax Claims being eligible for participation in the company car scheme. The scheme, which allows staff members to work towards eligibility for a new Mercedes C Class company car, has been a resounding success and has fuelled the tax firm’s outstanding increase in client numbers.


Staff at the firm of tax preparation specialists are eligible to receive a Mercedes C Class AMG Hybrid, dependent on meeting performance targets. David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims stated that the cars also backed up the company’s environmental ethos, stating that “Electric hybrids take us one step closer to reducing our CO2 carbon footprint alongside rewarding staff with lower rate of company car tax”. He added that he was proud of his employees’ drive and determination, noting that each DSR Tax Claims team member played a vital and important role in the success of the company. He stated that “most successful companies know that the key to their success lies in their staff and DSR Tax Claims is no different – without the hard work and drive of each member of my team, we wouldn’t be seeing the growth and client base increase that we are experiencing”. He added that the company car scheme, as well as other staff benefits such as private medical insurance, were key to attracting and retaining the best employees.


DSR Tax Claims Finance Officer, Karen Sale, stated that the scheme “is reflection that our efforts are recognised, which really motivates us. Along with the cars and BUPA cover, we are frequently rewarded with spa days, boxing events etc so these are just elements of a great employee renumeration package. It drives us all towards providing the best service we can for our current and future potential clients. Where staff feel valued the office environment is a happier one which reflects in the way we deal with clients”. Head of Compliance, Jack Meakin, added “the company car scheme has been a great way of motivating everyone to meet their performance targets and get into the habit of consistently driving the business forward. The BUPA cover also gives us the peace of mind that should anything happen to us whilst we work for DSR Tax Claims, we’re in the best hands possible”. Redfern finished by adding that “at DSR Tax Claims you will find a motivated, professional and focused team who consistently deliver, and we aim, as a company, to reward that because employee satisfaction is the driver behind consistently exceptional results and we always aim incredibly high. As a company, we are always on the look-out for talented and driven individuals to join our team so if you are reading this and want to join our fast-growing company, drop us an email at info@dsrtaxclaims.co.uk”.


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