July 31st deadline for HMRC payment on account

Second HMRC Payment on Account Due by End of July

By David Redfern 2nd July 2019

UK’s Self-Employed Urged Not to Forget July 31st Deadline for Second Payment on Account to HMRC With 15% of the working UK population now self-employed, using the Self Assessment system to pay tax is an increasingly common method of paying your tax bill. However, newcomers to the Self Assessment system […]

Calculate your tax code

Do You Know What Your Tax Code Means?

By David Redfern 21st June 2019

What Do Tax Codes Mean and How Can You Tell Whether Yours is Correct? Millions of payslips are issued each month and most taxpayers will be used to seeing the collection of numbers and letters which make up a tax code. However, many people are unaware of what that code […]

HMRC has a new super computer, Connect, to target ghosts and moonlighters

Do You Know Your Ghosts from your Moonlighters?

By David Redfern 15th May 2019

Tax Evaders Targeted by HMRC Supercomputer ‘Connect’ HMRC is targeting tax evaders, such as ‘ghosts’ and ‘moonlighters’, through its new £100m supercomputer ‘Connect’, which is designed to pursue those whose income and expenditure do not appear to be balanced. Tax preparation specialist David Redfern, Managing Director of DSR Tax Claims […]

HMRC Phone Scams

Protect Yourself against HMRC Scams

By David Redfern 8th May 2019

HMRC Phishing Scams Continue to Rise despite Repeated Warnings Despite continued action and warnings, HMRC ‘phishing’ scams continue to rise with criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to target UK taxpayers. With reports of criminal activity using landlines, emails, text messages and social media to distribute bogus HMRC information, you might […]


Next Year’s Rollout for IR35 Private Sector Reform Questioned

By David Redfern 11th April 2019

Tax Preparation Specialist Questions Whether IR35 Off-Payroll Working Arrangements Ready for 2020 Roll-out to Private Sector Despite a number of controversies since IR35 reforms were first introduced for contractors and freelancers working within the public sector, HMRC is pushing ahead with plans to roll-out the reforms to cover contractors working […]