Warning Comes as Tax Legislation Criticised for Becoming Too Complex and Unwieldy

HMRC taxation legislation complexity

Tax Expert Calls for Simplification of Taxation System

By David Redfern 16th August 2018

The UK’s taxation system is in dire need of urgent and extensive simplification, warned one of the UK’s leading tax experts today. David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims, spoke out as criticism mounted regarding the increasing levels of convolution within HMRC’s tax legislation, which are making it increasingly difficult […]

HMRC Requirement to Correct

Warning to Declare Foreign Income Before September Deadline

By David Redfern 3rd August 2018

UK taxpayers who receive any foreign income or profits from offshore assets have been urged to contact HMRC and disclose this income before 30th September 2018 to avoid being hit by higher penalties. David Redfern, tax preparation specialist and director of DSR Tax Claims, warned those affected to contact HMRC […]

Self Assessment Payments on Account

Don’t Miss Your July Payment on Account to HMRC

By David Redfern 23rd July 2018

The UK’s self-employed and those with earnings outside of PAYE were today reminded to make their second Payment on Account before the 31st July deadline. David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims, issued the reminder to the 4.8 million people registered as self-employed in the UK, urging them to ensure […]

HMRC's Civil Information POwers Proposal

HMRC Secret Bank Account Access Proposal Condemned

By David Redfern 20th July 2018

One of the UK’s leading tax specialists today condemned the proposal that HMRC should be allowed to have secret access to taxpayers’ bank accounts, in a range of new measures being suggested to crackdown on tax evasion. Tax preparation expert David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims, denounced the proposal […]

Self Employment

Contractors Warned: Get Your Tax Affairs in Order

By David Redfern 13th July 2018

Contractors and freelancers working in the UK were warned today to get their taxes in order now to ensure that they aren’t caught up in HMRC’s latest crackdown on workers attempting to evade their tax responsibilities. The warning came amid news that HMRC is turning its focus squarely on the […]