Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year from DSR Tax Claims Ltd. We wish all our clients and employees a happy, successful and prosperous 2019. As a company, we have experienced a phenomenal 2018, thanks to the hard work of our employees as well as our clients choosing our tax preparation services. As we move into a new year, we look forward to providing our clients with the excellent customer service they have come to expect from DSR Tax Claims Ltd.

Our offices re-open at 9am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. We look forward to helping our clients claim their maximum allowable expenses and continuing our mission to bring you the very best in tax preparation expertise.

About DSR Tax Claims Ltd

DSR Tax Claims Ltd are a firm of tax rebate specialists serving clients nationwide. DSR Tax Claims are tax preparation experts who specialise in identifying potential allowable expenses for tax rebates for clients. Their specialist team can help employed and self-employed subcontractors with all relevant paperwork to ensure their claim is handled in an accurate and efficient manner.

For more about DSR Tax Claims, visit https://dsrtaxclaims.co.uk/

For media enquiries, please email pressoffice@dsrtaxclaims.co.uk or call 0115 795 0232

DSR Tax Claims Ltd

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