DSR Tax Claims

Reasons for Tax Refund

11 Reasons Why You Could Be Due a Tax Refund

By David Redfern 3rd May 2019

Our specialists explain the reasons why you might be owed a tax rebate by HMRC We know that for many, taxes are a confusing nightmare. What with your P800s, P11Ds, P45s and P60s it can all get a bit complicated. For many people, it can be easy to just let […]

Tax Reliefs for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Encouraged to Investigate Tax Relief Eligibility

By David Redfern 30th April 2019

Tax preparation specialist urges small businesses to ensure they are making the most of tax reliefs available to them Many small and medium sized businesses are unaware of the tax relief options available to them, potentially missing out on tax breaks which could make them more competitive in a challenging […]

Deductible Business Expenses

Deductible vs Non-deductible Business Expenses

By David Redfern 25th April 2019

Which expenses can be claimed as an allowable business expense and which are not allowed by HMRC A fundamental rule of business is that profit equals income minus business expenditure and because businesses are only taxed on their profits, ensuring that all allowable expenses are accounted for makes good business […]

Employees from DSR Tax Claims Ltd present staff at Give for Good with a cheque

DSR Tax Claims Ltd ‘Give for Good’ to Local Charity

By David Redfern 18th April 2019

Tax Preparation Specialists Present Charitable Donation to Charity Specialising in Helping Needy Continuing the tradition of doing charitable works on Maundy Thursday, DSR Tax Claims Ltd presented a cheque to staff at Give for Good, a charity founded and based in Derbyshire who specialise in helping those in need across […]

Guide to Business taxes

A Beginner’s Guide to Business Taxes

By David Redfern 16th April 2019

How to Ensure Your New Business Stays on the Right Side of HMRC Whether you have spotted a gap in the market or have invented a new product which will revolutionise the way people perform a task, founding your own business will be the next step on the journey to […]