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Guidance for Employers and Employees for Incidental Business Expenses

Incidental overnight expenses for business travel

Can You Reimburse Incidental Overnight Expenses?

By David Redfern 14th October 2019

Many employers are aware of how to reimburse travel and subsistence expenses for employees who are expected to travel for business purposes. But reimbursing employees for those smaller incidental expenses that they might pick up during overnight business stays is less clear. David Redfern, tax preparation expert and Managing Director […]

Reimbursement of homeworking expenses

Homeworkers: Are your Expenses being Reimbursed Correctly?

By David Redfern 24th September 2019

As modern working practices change in line with technological advances and the changing needs of business, there are now around 1.5 million employees who work remotely from home. Homeworking is often seen as an attractive option for employers and employees alike, with employers benefitting from reduced operating costs while employees […]

Self Assessment for Beginners

Self Assessment for Beginners

By DSR Tax Claims 17th September 2019

With the latest figures showing there are a record 4.93 million self-employed taxpayers in the UK, more taxpayers are finding themselves within the remit of Self Assessment. A lack of taxation knowledge and experience has resulted in a surge in late tax returns and payments as those who are newly […]

Business travel and subsistence expenses

Are you treating your Business Travel and Subsistence Costs Correctly?

By David Redfern 10th September 2019

Guidance for Employers who Reimburse Employee Costs Relating to Business Travel and Subsistence Business travel is a regular part of working life for many employees across a wide range of occupations and industry sectors. When travelling on behalf of an employer, it is usual for employees to incur travel and […]

Tool Allowance Tax Relief

Could you be due a tax refund?

By David Redfern 29th August 2019

Our specialists explain why you might have paid too much in tax As American president Benjamin Franklin once said, there’s nothing certain about life but death and taxes and for most of us, tax is a word we don’t like to hear too often. Tax usually means less money in […]