Shea Ansell Delivering Growth and Diversification for Tax Preparation Specialists

Shea Ansell - DSR Tax Claims Ltd

Since his appointment in February of this year, Strategic Growth and Acquisitions Officer Shea Ansell has been busy heading a number of projects for DSR Tax Claims Ltd in order to grow and diversify the company. His most significant project to date has been the sourcing and purchase of new premises for the company of tax preparation specialists, who have outgrown their current business premises due to their impressive increase in client numbers.

Ansell, who joined DSR Tax Claims Ltd in February, comes from a strong background in construction and property acquisitions and has been hard at work on a number of projects for the company since his appointment. Ansell stated “I’ve found my role for DSR Tax Claims really challenging and productive, it’s the kind of role I have always enjoyed and I am finding the range and scope of work incredibly rewarding”. DSR Tax Claims Ltd Managing Director, David Redfern added “Shea is a fantastic addition to the DSR Tax Claims team and his sheer wealth of experience is a real asset to the company as he seeks opportunities for the company to grow and expand our client offering”.

One of Ansell’s most important projects since starting has been sourcing new premises for the firm of tax preparation specialists and he has already had great success in this, with new premises now under purchase and a complete extension and renovation being planned. Redfern stated “DSR Tax Claims has gone through an amazing period of growth over these last couple of years to the point that we have outgrown our current business premises and therefore Shea was tasked with finding us the ideal new company base in order to allow us to continue our growth and expansion plans and with this property acquisition, he has done just that and I am delighted to be moving on to the next phase, which is a full renovation of the premises in order to meet, not only our business needs but also our future growth. This will allow us to grow as a company and further focus on recruitment, which is essential for us to continue to build and nurture our success”.

Speaking of the premises acquisition, Ansell added “It has been an all-encompassing project and now that the purchase is close to completion, we are moving onto instructing an architect and quantity surveyor to work on the renovation and extension plans whilst sourcing materials and putting a time-frame in place for the operations move, which in itself will be a logistical feat”. However, the purchase completion and renovation of the new premises will not be the end of Ansell’s to-do list and he will be working on a number of further growth and acquisition projects over the forthcoming months as DSR Tax Claims Ltd continue to expand as a company.  

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