Paul Thompson, May 2019

Undefeated Run Continues for Pro Boxer Paul ‘the Meatball’ Thompson

By David Redfern 22nd May 2019

Nottingham Super Lightweight Chalks up Fourth Consecutive Victory in Ring One of the rising stars of the professional boxing scene, Super Lightweight Paul ‘the Meatball’ Thompson notched up another victory on Saturday night (May 18th) to continue his undefeated run. Since his professional debut in September 2018, Thompson has chalked […]

HMRC has a new super computer, Connect, to target ghosts and moonlighters

Do You Know Your Ghosts from your Moonlighters?

By David Redfern 15th May 2019

Tax Evaders Targeted by HMRC Supercomputer ‘Connect’ HMRC is targeting tax evaders, such as ‘ghosts’ and ‘moonlighters’, through its new £100m supercomputer ‘Connect’, which is designed to pursue those whose income and expenditure do not appear to be balanced. Tax preparation specialist David Redfern, Managing Director of DSR Tax Claims […]

HMRC Phone Scams

Protect Yourself against HMRC Scams

By David Redfern 8th May 2019

HMRC Phishing Scams Continue to Rise despite Repeated Warnings Despite continued action and warnings, HMRC ‘phishing’ scams continue to rise with criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to target UK taxpayers. With reports of criminal activity using landlines, emails, text messages and social media to distribute bogus HMRC information, you might […]

Reasons for Tax Refund

11 Reasons Why You Could Be Due a Tax Refund

By David Redfern 3rd May 2019

Our specialists explain the reasons why you might be owed a tax rebate by HMRC We know that for many, taxes are a confusing nightmare. What with your P800s, P11Ds, P45s and P60s it can all get a bit complicated. For many people, it can be easy to just let […]

Tax Reliefs for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Encouraged to Investigate Tax Relief Eligibility

By David Redfern 30th April 2019

Tax preparation specialist urges small businesses to ensure they are making the most of tax reliefs available to them Many small and medium sized businesses are unaware of the tax relief options available to them, potentially missing out on tax breaks which could make them more competitive in a challenging […]