Meet the Team

Our aim at DSR Tax Claims, is to get your maximum tax rebate for you whilst providing you with 100% customer satisfaction and our friendly team are always hard at work on your behalf. If you need to get in touch with DSR Tax Claims, the chances are you will be speaking to one of these key staff members and we thought you might like to put a face to a name. So, meet the team at DSR Tax Claims…

Shea Ansell

Shea is our Strategic Acquisitions and Growth Officer, with a strong background in operational management and construction. When he isn’t hard at work maximising and diversifying company assets and investments, he enjoys playing football as well as spending quality time with his family.

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Callum Foster

Callum is our Tax Compliance Officer and has a strong background in account management and financial administration, with particular emphasis on dealing with HMRC. When he isn’t hard at work ensuring our clients receive the usual standards of excellence, he enjoys sports and likes to play football.

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Mya Grainger DSR Tax Claims

Mya Grainger

Mya is our Tax Compliance Officer and has a strong background in account management, resourcing and business process management, as well as social media management. When she isn’t busy providing our clients with the highest levels of customer care and attention to detail, Mya enjoys swimming as well as expressing […]

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Charlotte Wolverson, DSR Tax Claims Tax Compliance Officer

Charlotte Wolverson

Charlotte is our Tax Compliance Officer. She has extensive experience within the areas of financial management, project coordination and offshore management and she has worked for a number of high street financial institutions before joining us. When she isn’t hard at work on behalf of our clients, she can usually […]

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Tara Hickling DSR Tax Claims

Tara Hickling

Tara is our Social Media Assistant, with a strong background in social media in all its forms. When she isn’t busy taking care of our social media presence, Tara is just as busy looking after her young family.

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Lee Parker DSR Tax Claims

Lee Parker

Lee is our Finance Officer and has a strong background in account management, client relationships and process re-engineering. He has a BSc in Accounting and Finance from Cardiff Metropolitan University and has worked within financial services since graduating. When he isn’t hard at work with our Finance Team, he likes […]

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Caylee Thomas DSR Tax Claims

Caylee Thomas

Caylee is our Tax Practice Manager. With a strong background in customer care, financial management and administration skills, she is a key member of the DSR Tax Claims team. Caylee has worked in a number of high-profile roles before joining DSR Tax Claims, including a spell spent working in Dubai. […]

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David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims

David Redfern

David is the founder of DSR Tax Claims and one of the UK’s leading experts on taxation legislation. David is a self-confessed workaholic and describes his hobbies as work, work, work! When he isn’t giving his all to our clients, David is passionate about mentoring small business owners and helping […]

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